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CRDLT provide a number of services both for the Faculty of Human Sciences and for other departments:

Online Course Development
The design and mounting of online courses and programmes within the e-learning environment WebCT. Work has included:

  • Master of Education (Technology Enhanced Learning) programme, with the University of Southern Queensland
  • MSc in Lifelong Learning programme, with Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Teacher Qualification for Further Education programme
  • Family Health Nurse Programme
  • Certificate in Drug & Alcohol Studies
  • Design of the Student Learning Services Online course for DAICE
  • Developing a Person Centred Approach to the Support and Care of People with Dementia
  • ‘L’Exception Française’ unit for the Department of French

Website Development
A complete design and development service, and provision of training and support in website maintenance. Work has included the main faculty websites for Education, Nursing & Midwifery, and Applied Social Science as well as individual projects outwith the university, including a full corporate redesign for the Criminal Justice Social Work Development Centre.

Training and Consultancy
In the areas of website and online course development, technical solutions and design.

Graphic Design
Work has included leaflet, poster and logo design as well as graphics and multimedia elements for the web.


Technical Services

Including: Database design and development, notably Oracle and Access, and their integration into websites. Solutions using JSP, JavaScript, ASP, Java, Perl, CGI, HTML, C, and Visual Basic. Management of the FirstClass communications server. Webserver management.

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